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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Travel Destination: Camiguin

One of the travel destinations that I keep coming back to is Camiguin. Why do I keep coming back to this paradise?

I'm lucky I live near Camiguin, thus travelling there is not that expensive. Least expensive way to reach this island is via boat. Gazing from the boat, there's something about this island, from its beaches to its volcanic mountains that makes me a appreciate life more--glad that I'm alive.

Best activity in Camiguin is biking around the island's 64-kilometer circumferential road. It took me 13 hours the first time around, including the pit stops to enjoy the view--well, mostly to catch my breath.

Most of the lovely beaches in the island are not crowded. Under a great coconut tree shade, one can spread a towel on the sand, sleep on it or read a book. Then, just jump into the sea for a swim. That's paradise for me. What's your paradise?


  1. hmmm... I wish I could just lie back on a hammock all day long, right under a coconut tree and read…. plus the occasional jumping in on the sea water scenario of course.. but I guess that would just have to wait......sigh........plus I’d probably miss my laptop in the long run….food for thought everyone…..

  2. You can bring your laptop with you in paradise, Gabrielle.