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Thursday, July 2, 2009

The end of Otalia

Guiding Light, the world's longest-running tv soap opera, ends this coming Sept. 18. But for me, Guiding Light ended yesterday, July 1. This day also marks the end of Otalia for me--the very reason I was watching Guiding Light in the first place.

Until July 1, I thought Otalia, the fictional couple over at Guiding Light, best portrays on tv/internet the love between two women. Crystal Chappell plays Olivia, one half of Otalia; while Jessica Leccia plays Natalia, the other half of Otalia.

My partner and I can relate very much to the Otalia story, in particular to the point that love just doesn't happen in an instant but develops through time beginning with friendship, to the awkwardness, to the stalling in expressing this love physically.

The characters of Olivia and Natalia once portrayed strong women--women who withstood life's rotten and bliss on their own, without in any way depending on anybody or from any man for that matter.

I once admired Proctor and Gamble, the owner of Guiding Light, for being so brave in allowing the Otalia storyline to be played out on daytime tv. I even forgave the powers that be at Guiding Light for not allowing these two ladies kiss for real at least for now--hoping that before the show gets cancelled on Sept. 18, they be given equal couple treatment to kiss already!

I laughed many times at the way the camera hides via flower pots, coffee maker, gigantic bags for months the real-life pregnancy of Jessica, the actress playing Natalia. After months of hiding Jessica's real-life pregnancy, yesterday, the powers that be at Guiding Light turned the character of Natalia as being pregnant.

With this, I am turning my back from Guiding Light, from Otalia for good. And as a concrete manifestation of my disgust over this, I am boycotting all products of Proctor and Gamble.

Why the harsh reaction to the Natalia pregnancy story? While visibility of lesbians on tv is very important, the pregnant Natalia is a big blow in the face.

By making Natalia pregnant, the powers that be at Guiding Light desexualize lesbians--Natalia's character--now directing her libidinous urges into another direction. By making Natalia pregnant, Guiding Light joins the many shows which time and time again overused the pregnant lesbian, motherhood storyline.


  1. Just wondering also how much “fast money” Proctor and Gamble made off the backs of lesbian fan base in just few past months.

    Like you, Red Jasmine, I have also invested so much on the Otalia storyline. Even to the point of “missing” several of my beloved independent lesbian webseries just to catch up on Otalia. What a waste.

    Just to put on record, there are lesbians out there who do not want to go out and populate the earth by having babies and becoming mothers. I exist too. Proctor and Gamble wont be getting rich off this lesbian as I am boycotting their products too.

    To all Otalia fans, don’t fret, there are a lot independent webseries, books, etc out there that are made by lesbians for lesbians that need our support.

    Boycott Proctor and Gamble.

  2. totally agree. i was hoping that they would not go into this direction. it ruins the storyline for me and will no longer be watching. what a waste of 6 months.

  3. hi! where can i watch past episodes of this series? thanks! :)

  4. hello cess. thanks for visiting my blog. for a complete Otalia backstory, visit OtaliaSocial and Willowtarafan channel. for updated videos, visit Yodaluver channel and Otaliafan channel.

  5. to cess: kindly log on to http://redjasmineblog.blogspot.com/2009/06/raving-over-otalia.html for complete links