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Monday, June 15, 2009

Protections for Lesbian Partners

Marriage has always been viewed as a religious practice, more so in my country Philippines whereby majority of the population is Catholic.

After living together through "rotten and bliss" for close to a decade, my partner and I plan to get married--one day if the law will allow us-- not for religious intentions but for the legal protection that marriage would breath to us as a lesbian couple.

Like many countries in the world, the Philippines, in particular Article 1 of the Family Code law states, "Marriage is a special contract of permanent union between a man and a woman ...."

What about the permanent union between a "woman and a woman"?

The Alternative Law Groups (ALG) in the Philippines is calling that the current definition of family includes the non-traditional families such as gay or lesbian couples living together. Also, the rights group Project Equality is pushing for the benefits for same-sex partners, in particular the granting of next-of-kin status for same-sex couples.

As we shout for the enactment of a law or a Supreme Court ruling that recognizes the permanent union of gay and lesbian couples, what are our alternatives meanwhile here?

As my partner and I are partners, not only in life but in business, we see to it that our properties are in co-owners status. We also keep in tow two documents: a special power of attorney and a will to protect each other when the rotten days come.


  1. do you support any groups that advocate this issue? i would love to be a part of this in any way.


  2. hello leena. this little blog is my way of advocating issues specifically relating to lesbians. i am open though to join groups which specifically advocate lgbt rights.