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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Travel Destination: Sitangkai "Venice of the South"

It's my job to travel around the Philippines. Don't ask me why. In my many travels, one travel destination happens to be most memorable. This is Sitangkai town in the province of Tawi-Tawi.

Sitangkai is known as the "Venice of the South" due to the use of boats as primary transportation. The floating market of Sitangkai where locals sell fresh catch such as giant squid, tuna, sting ray is something to behold.

I travelled to Sitangkai with my partner. To travel to Sitangkai without a male companion, is something that the locals can't comprehend. But they'll admire you for visiting their place. "Matatapang na babae (Brave women)," one local told us.

We had a splendid time in Sitangkai.


  1. as travelling to this place without a male companion is taken as something out of this world, i am wondering what it's like to travel there as an out lesbian couple?

  2. everything about our travel to sitangkai was pleaseant. thus, we encourage you ladies to travel to this beautiful place. like any travel though to off the beaten tracks, travel to this place should be planned--research, research, precautions, precautions.

    in travelling to sitangkai, we recognized the sensitivity of the locals to women travellers. recognizing this, we did not further challenge them on a further sensitive issue--that of lesbianism; thus pda was a no no then. it's a tough world, indeed. but, hey, let the locals be used to women travellers. then hopefully in time, the world would turn around and lesbian travellers would just be an accepted occurence to them.

  3. Interesting place! Wish you can share more photos of a new look today. Thanks for sharing.

    Immigration Canadian